Death Penalty Pt. 2

Taking on a death penalty case requires a lot of resources.
In this video, I’ll go over some of the steps in handling a death penalty case in Florida.

Death Penalty Pt. 1

In this video I discuss the death penalty, also known as the capital punishment and it’s application in Florida. A multi-varied analysis is required to defend a death penalty case.

Powell Clayton

My great great great grandfather’s brother.

Powell Foulk Clayton was an American politician and diplomat who served as a Radical Republican Governor of Arkansas during the Reconstruction Era from 1868 to 1871, a United States Senator from Arkansas from 1871 to 1877 and as United States Ambassador to Mexico from 1899 to 1905.

W.H.H. Clayton

William Henry Harrison Clayton best known as W. H. H. Clayton (October 13, 1840 – December 14, 1920) was an American lawyer and judge in post-Civil War Arkansas and Indian Territory Oklahoma. He was the United States Attorney for the United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas and the chief prosecutor in the court of “hanging judge” Isaac Parker for 14 years. Judge Parker said of him: As a lawyer , he is very close, shrewd, prudent examiner of witnesses.

Police Body Cameras

One of the things I noticed charged in the courts is the use of body cameras. The videotapes encourages all parties to be truthful and allows them to gain some confidence in one another, with the knowledge that anything anyone says will later be verified.


I have been practicing criminal law since 1982, when I began my career as an Assistant Public Defender in Miami, Florida. During that time, I have represented close to 2500 clients and have done over 160 jury trials and written over 500 appellate briefs. In 2003, the Florida Bar certified me as a criminal trial specialist. In 2007, James Publishing released my book, Florida Criminal Trial Procedure. I enjoy what I do and look forward to speaking to you about your criminal issues.

Habeas Corpus

I explain Habeas Corpus in less than 30 seconds.