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The epitome of the patriarchy is the law. However, this has started to change, more opportunities for women to carve stable and fruitful career paths in this industry. Back in the year 2018, the American Bar Association (ABA) reported that 36% of legal professionals consisted of women. This is a net increase compared to estimation from previous years, as the numbers used to be much lower for women in law. Today, the status of women in the legal business is on the rise, and the numbers are on the increase.

Many more women are pursuing careers in the legal world. The best part is, this ‘isn’t only something ‘that’s happening in countries such as the United States. In fact, this is a wonderful global trend. The legal profession is opening its doors to women. Even in countries where it would have deemed a nearly impossible career choice, the situation is changing. There are now more options for those who are looking into this professional choice. For example, the number of women in law in the USA is 486,730.

The Problem It Creates

The progress doesn’t end with lawyers, women have also been making great strides when it comes to judges as well. Throughout the USA there are approximately 18,000 judges, women make up roughly 6,000 of them or 33%. Women in law must also occasionally deal with opposing counsel and judges who make inappropriate or stereotypical comments. Many women have reported being patronized and called “honey” or “dear” or referred to by their first name in the courtroom. Indeed, a Defense Research Institute survey found that 70% of women attorneys experienced gender bias in the courtroom. My vision is as more women enter into the legal, that will cease.

Undoubtedly, it is very important and significant that women are increasingly gaining a better status in many industries. This also includes the legal profession on a local and international level. There are many more opportunities for women to get a good education and pursue a career. As a result, there are higher chances for these women to achieve positions of power and influence. The sort of diversity is good for community because it brings in more authenticity and fairness.

Get More Women In Law

The changes are need from top to bottom, from clerical personnel to judges, let’s not forget the gatekeepers of the industry, the ABA. Historically the ABA predominantly male and white. That’s has caused many problems, barring different races from joining to even lawsuits. The first women were admitted in 1918 and the ABA did not grant membership to people of color prior to 1943, according to its online timeline.

It’s so great to see that there is a lot of support for women in the legal industry. For instance, the web now hosts many communities and websites. There are wonderful platforms that host and encourage women. In addition to that, the world recently hosted the very first Women in Law Leadership Event. This remarkable event took place in San Francisco, California at the top of the SalesForce Tower, where it made headlines in a very positive light. The conference was attended by women from various countries, as the event received the enthusiastic support of businesses, politicians, and various global organizations. With attorneys and executives, to share life journeys, obstacles and solutions that got them to where they are today. This is a sign that women in the legal world are enjoying a healthier status than ever before.

The Affects

Filmmaker Michael Moore recently released a poignant documentary titled “Where To Invade Next?” which dealt with various social topics. One of the most exciting segments of the document was the section discussing female leadership and women in power. It’s evident that countries with equal opportunities for women tend to have much better social and economic stability. This is especially when women are enabled to take on decision-making positions. In much the same way, the legal sphere as a whole can benefit from the female perspective, subverting the age-old, typically patriarchal structures which have long been a stale pillar of the legal profession through the whole world.

In addition to the positive contributions they might foster in various areas, women in law can also inspire the younger generations. Now more than ever, young people need “real” role models, that aren’t just social media stars or celebrities. It’s crucial, especially for young girls, to value their self-worth, and see that they can go far by using their intellect. Leaving many inspired and with an identifiable route to pursue law careers. Rather than having to be dependent and complacent, young girls see they can take control of their lives.

The Future For Women in Law

This is precisely why female lawyers can be very inspiring from young girls around the world. They are positive influencers, showing young people that they too could have many opportunities in their lives. In other words, success is attainable, regardless of their background. Today, a female lawyer is more than just her job title: ‘it’s a true inspiration. A role model for the younger generation to look up to, as they are in the process of figuring out their present, and their future.

In conclusion, the legal industry can no longer ignore the relevance of women. The vital contribution that they bring to the table is precious and absolutely undeniable. Although we are in a very good place right now, the road towards widespread egalitarian relationships between male and female professionals in the legal sphere is still quite long. With more and more women enjoying prominent roles, this industry is in a very good place.

I will continue to play my role in the advancement of women in the legal field for my daughter.

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